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This nurse call system is designed and produced to meet the needs of facilities across the entire healthcare spectrum. This technology is dynamic, easy to use and intuitive system capable of improving the timeless of communication. This also manages all types of calls through a fixed system integrated with smart phones, so as to provide traceability and monitoring of all patients related events. The versality of these products grants the integration with existing systems as well as the interface with alarms and external systems. This enables to upgrade and expand the calling system to the new functions of control, monitoring and statistics.

We are committed to using high quality products made from antibacterial materials partnered with our high-tech communication methods.

Nurse Calling & Intercoming Host Machine – TC-2000A

Technical Features

  • Calling & Intercoming by Hands or Hands-free
  • Connection with no more than 120 extensions
  • Displaying calling no.
  • Displaying mode of calling extension numbers can be customized
  • Setting up nursing grade by nurses; Normal or Emergent callings
  • Different calling chord rings optional
  • Ring Volume adjustable continuously
  • Setting up extension number online
  • Connected with no more than 4 corridor displayer

System Data Processor – TC-303A

Technical Features

  • Supplying electrical power to whole system
  • Processing voice and data
  • Radio broadcasting function is optional
  • Maximum support two Nurse Calling & Intercoming Host Machines
  • Uninterrupted working for long time
  • Two conductor bus connecting

Calling & Intercoming Extension – TC-302B

Technical Features

  • Connected with system by two conductor bus
  • Sounds clear and vivid
  • Displaying mode of calling extension numbers can be customized
  • Calling and full duplex Intercom with host machine
  • Light Touch Button for Calling / Resetting
  • TC-200B / 201B / 202B / 302B with calling handle
  • TC-301B / 304B / 306WB work with SJ-031B calling handle; SJ-031B cable length

Calling Extension for Toilet – TC-203F

Technical Features

  • Size suit for international standard 86Type electrical back box
  • With Emergency Calling Lamp; Water-Proof
  • Displaying mode of calling extension numbers can be customized

Single Color Light Alarm – TC-603D

Technical Features

  • Size suit for international standard 86Type electrical back box
  • Status indicator light for calling
  • When calling, lighting
  • Displaying mode of calling extension numbers can be customized
  • 4pcs High-light red LED inside

Patients List – TC-500 / 501

Technical Features

  • TC-500 (36 persons) and TC-501 (60 persons)
  • Aluminum Alloy frame, nice appearance
  • Card holders to put patients medical record cards
  • Status indicator light for calling
  • To show different nursing grades when calling
  • Wall-mounting / Desktop installing mode optional

Room Terminal – BT 10

Microprocessor communication terminal to be installed on the Bus line in every inpatient room, assisted bathroom and work room for the reception of all alarms and calls coming from the ward.

Bed Socket without Audio – BT 10

Bed socket without audio output to be installed in each bed for the connection of the TT10 patient call unit with quick release and Secom multifunction TV, equipped with red button for nurse call with reassurance light, reading and room lights switch-on control, possibility to drive motors for roller shutter / window opening / closing, interface for external calls and diagnostic call for electro-medical equipment.

Corridor dome lamp with electronics – MCT10

Lamp with electronics for signaling normal, emergency and diagnostics calls as well as nursing staff attendance, to be installed out of doors in all inpatient rooms and assisted restrooms that do not require patient / nurse audio. To be connected ton the department bus line, which can be used as a terminal to control all the equipment in the premises / room. Composed of microprocessor electronics with NFC proximity technology, storage of all calls in case of power failure, LED in smd technology to display all calls in the room and the attendance of 1st level.

Manual patient call unit – TT10

Call unit without audio, made of resistant plastic material and easy sanitation guarantee by the large membrane keypad. The particularly ergonomic handle allows its use in every situation. The special integrated hook allows easy attachment to the bed or bedside table. Equipped with 1 nurse call button, 2 controls for turning on lights, 2 controls for driving shutters or windows, reassurance LEDs and LEDs for locating in the dark. toe be connected to the bed socket model bTA 10 or BAE 10 through a special quick release connector and totally safe thanks to the signal output in case of unintentional disconnection.

Mini room terminal without audio – MZT10

Microprocessor-free room terminal to be installed in combination with the lamp with MCT10 electronics on the room bus line in every hospital assisted bathroom and work room for the transmission of all alarms and calls from the room for the reception of all alarms and calls from the ward.

Pull button for nurse call -ZRT10

Nurse call button with pull rod in antibacterial material for the emergency call, to be installed in every bathroom, room and work room. The equipment consists of an electronic circuit with self diagnosis with signaling in case of malfunction, easily replaceable membrane keypad, pull button for the nurse call (normal or emergency) that can be activated with a 2m long cord and red reassurance LED for the call signaling.

Call cancel button – AT10

Nurse call cancel button in antibacterial material, to be installed in every bathroom, room and work area, or to be used as an additional button for switching on and off the nurse’s presence. Consisting of an easily replaceable membrane keypad, a green button for canceling the nurse call or for entering the presence of the operator and a green reassuring LED for signaling the call.

Call button – RT10

Hardware Software module to be connected by means of a special terminal block, to the main ward bus for the log of all the events of the nurse call system.

Connected to the structure’s LAN network, it allows you to remotely view all event on a Web page, filter, save and export information. The device keeps in memory all the events of the last 5 years.

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