Hospital Secondary Equipment Aluminum Alloy Oxygen Tanks

Our Aluminum alloy gas cylinders are NON-CORROSIVE and can be refilled repeatedly. They are made of SUPERIOR QUALITY ALUMINUM ALLOY and manufactured through the procedures of punching, drawing, heat treatment, CNC flow forming spinning, anodic oxidation treatment to the inner surface. It is used to be filled and refilled with various kinds of gases such as high purity oxygen thus makes it the most suitable cylinder for medical use.

Technical Features

  • Lightweight-up to 40% lighter than comparable steel cylinders and in consistent weight, consistent thickness resist damage
  • Specially corrision resistant is very important for medical gas
  • Brush external surface provides a low-maintenance finish
  • Cylinders meet or exceed all regulatory standards worldwide
  • Cyclinders cycle-tested in excess of 100,000 cycles at service pressure
  • Excess of 12000 cycles at test pressure
  • Minimum burst pressure tested to 2.5 times service pressure without failure.

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