Medical Gas Pipeline System I Control Plus

Benefits for Clinical Staff
Thanks to the Touch Control Panel the medical team can receive information about the medical gas system, HVAC plant and electrical power supply system.

Designed particularly for the theatre staff who will use this effectual Touch Control Panel.

TCP is easy to understand and simple to use thanks also to a modern tablet-like design similar to the smartphones we all use everyday.

Attractive, enticing and modern solution and graphics not only make the TCP easy to use but also complement the pleasing appearance of today’s high tech operating theaters.

The upper level displays include just the information and controls that are pertinent to the clinical users. Detailed technical information is available in sub-menus for engineering staff should they need it.

East to Clean
Smooth flat surfaces are easy to wipe down. The screen is protected by a glass and the device is sealed against dust and fluids.

Advantages & Characteristics

  • Glass touchscreen
  • Installation on different kinds of wall: Gypsum board, brick wall and also other kinds of prefabricated cladding walls
  • Interactive display
  • Flexible and user friendly in/out interface
  • Control Panel is easily suitable to be placed in controlled bacterial contamination operating areas.

Moreover, thanks to the technology the panel can be used with or without surgical gloves.

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