Oxygen Generator Model OA 500

Oxygen Generator System

Generation Method
Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA)
Oxygen Capacity
13.45 Sm3/hr. @ ambient temperature
10-12 tanks/day @ ambient temperature
Safety Class
Oxygen Purity
93% + 2
Outlet Filtration
Coalescing Filter
1 Unit (0.01-micron coalescing filter)
Sterile Filter
1 Unit (0.01-micron sterile filter)

Compressed Air System

Air Quality
ISO 8573, Class 1 Oil & Solids
Output Capacity
3.11 Sm3/min
Air Compressors
1 Unit
Compressor Type
Oil Injected Screw Compressor
Output Capacity
3.11 m3/min
Air Dryer
1 Unit
Dryer Type
Refrigerated Air Dryer
Nominal Flow
6.5 m3/min
Activated Carbon Tower
1 Unit
Filter element type
0.03 micron Activated Carbon Filter
143 liters

Cylinder Filling Station

Oxygen Booster Pump
1 Unit (Oil Free Piston Compressor)
Output Capacity
60 tanks/day
Oxygen Filling Rack
1 Unit
Piping Material
Hose Type
Flexible High Pressure Stainless Steel Braided Pigtails or Rigid Copper Pigtail
Number of Port/s
Calibrated Pressure Gauge

Receiver Vessel/s

Wet Air Receiver Vessel
1 Unit (Stainless Steel)
Dry Air Receiver Vessel
1 Unit (Carbon Steel)
Oxygen Receiver Vessel
1 Unit (Carbon Steel)

Generator Piping System

Pipe Material
308 Stainless Steel
Fitting Material
308 Stainless Steel
Test Point Outlet
DISS std.

Medical Gas Control & Monitoring System

Monitor Type
Touch Screen, LCD
Monitor Size
23″ Monitor

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